New                  Members

Any NEW member hired by the City of New York and being represented by SEIU Local 246 must fill out the four applications in this section and return them to the Union office. This begins your enrollment with the Local. If you have eligible dependents, you must submit a copy of your marriage/domestic partnership certificate and/or birth certificates to the union office. No dependents will be enrolled until the named documents are received by the Union office.

BEFORE BEGINNING the enrollment process, if you are enrolling any spouse/domestic partner or dependents, please have ready all of the documents to the right that will be required to complete the packet.

If you would like to VIEW the forms before beginning the actual Welcome Packet, CLICK HERE >>. This will allow you to only see what they look like in order for you to gather all required information before clicking the New Member Welcome Packet button above.

PDF copy of Marriage License or Registration for Domestic Partnership

Social Security numbers and PDF copies of Birth Certificates

Spouses information pertaining to medical insurance, prescription coverage, dental and optical benefits

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