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Civil Service Trades Charity Golf Outing 2024

For the ninth year, Local 246 is participating in the annual Charity Golf Outing to raise funds for the Hope for the Warriors Fund that supports veterans. Last year, the Civil Service Trades Coalition that sponsors the outing presented Hope for the Warriors with a check for $23,295.40. Help us exceed that goal this year. For more information, download the golf outing brochure. 

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President Colangelo Speaks on Green Jobs Initiative

New York City Local 246


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Who We Are

NEW YORK CITY LOCAL 246 Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO, CLC

New York City SEIU Local 246 is the certified bargaining unit for more than 1,600 active and 900 retired members who maintain and repair one of the largest non-military motor fleets in the world – more than 30,000 vehicles for New York City’s 20 different agencies, such as Police, Fire, Sanitation, and Highway. Our largest group of members is Auto Mechanics, but we represent members in 19 different titles in just as many agencies throughout the five boroughs and beyond.

Mission Statement

To unite all members of the skilled trades, employed by the City of New York and related agencies, for their mutual welfare, protection and advancement regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, gender expression, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age.

To work for the establishment and maintenance of fair wages, hours, working conditions, civil-service classification, and the good and welfare of our members.

To foster and promote a better understanding between our members and the public. 

History of our Union

New York City SEIU Local 246

Three unions originally represented members of the Auto Trades in New York City. The intense rivalry between them lead to one union’s triumph, then known as the Building Service International Union. Today that union is the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

SEIU Local 246 received its charter on Nov. 14, 1952, when we started with about 10 members. The original goals of fighting for members’ rights and workplace safety are still our goals after all these years. Today, Local 246 represents members in 19 titles.

The History of the Union Movement

Throughout our history, the labor movement has accomplished a lot. If you get weekends off or overtime pay, thank the union members who fought for those rights. None of our movement’s achievements would have happened without the effort, organization and advocacy of our brothers and sisters. But injustice still runs amok. We must look to the past not only for inspiration, but for the tools we need to continue the fight. Read More >

Titles We Represent


Machinist | Machinist Helper | Carriage Upholsterer | Marine Maintenance Mechanic | Motor Grader Operator | Oil Burner Specialist | Sheet Metal Worker | Sign Painter/Letterer | Supervisor Sheetmetal Workers


  • Auto Body Worker | Auto Electrician | Auto Machinist | Auto Mechanic |            Auto Mechanic Diesel | Auto Service Worker Level 1 & Level 2 | Rubber Tire Repairer

Where We Work










Other City Agencies*

*Other City Agencies
Department of Education / Department of Correction / Department of Environmental Protection / Parks / H+H / Housing Authority / HRA / Department of Health / Board of Higher Education / DCAS / Administration for Children's Services / Department of Homeless Services

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